The Book Of Bape

Welcome to Intellectual Property Hell. 
"Brethren before Wenches" image macro, posted as promotional material to the "How I Met Your Mother" Official Facebook Page, 2012. No citation to original creator. No sources cited. Unauthorized use of third-party content for promotional/monetary use. 1.3 million "Likes" to-date. 12,051 likes on this specific picture. 4,000+ users shared this advertisement for the TV show on their FB page.
"Brethren before Wenches" image macro, originally created by some unknown 4chan  user circa 2003-2005. Protected reproduction of original work under fair use laws (parody of original source) and used purely for entertainment purposes, not for profit. 
Original image source: “Berserk,” Japanese comic series by Kentaro Miura, December 1990-present day.
The whole “grey area” argument with intellectual property and fair use thanks to Reddit image macros and ~Memes~ is pretty fucking grating sometimes.
  • 11 May 2012
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