The Book Of Bape

[Content warning: rape, abuse, cissism, a lot of things I think] Augh

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For a while I couldn’t understand why on earth people WILLINGLY acted like assholes, and defended their stance to the last on the matter. But just looking at the arguments, the very base thing is actually really apparent.

How many times has someone said something hurtful or offensive, you call them out on it and they say something like, “If you don’t like it get off the internet” or “The real world isn’t going to be so nice” or “You just have to tough it out”

How many times have you seen someone complaining about how people these days are “Too soft” “Too PC” “Too easily offended” and hate the fact that they can’t use slurs or get away with violent and terrible actions or trains of thought without someone telling them that they are being pretty shitty.

Because as a society we are obsessed with strength. We want to be the most powerful. If someone is offended, they’re weak. They succumb to emotions and feelings, which are considered weak. The only way to be strong is to be offensive, hurt someone’s feelings, assault someone innocent. And hey it’s even better if our society thinks its justified, right?

A woman doesn’t wanna “stay in the kitchen”? You hit her. Someone tells you they’re trans*? You beat them up. Someone wants to say that rape triggers them? Tell them you’ll rape them again.

Because the alternative?? Being nice??? Not an option, in the eyes of society, you’ll be weak too. You can’t be weak.

And it’s fucking sickening

Instead of being empathetic and caring of your fellow beings, you choose to hurt them, you choose to tell them who they are and what they believe don’t matter if it means your “feelings” get hurt. All because you don’t want to believe that being nice is something worth doing. You don’t want your friends or peers or society to see you being okay with someone being agender, you don’t want those people to see you respecting someone’s pronouns, you don’t want those people to see you understanding why minorities have it so bad in America.

And what is this trying to prove?? What are you trying to prove?? That you’re tough? That you won’t let some “freaks” tell you what to do?

So if you let this trend continue, what happens? Do you think that society will only benefit from this bigotry and oppression? As long as those who are oppressed can suck it up you can have your fun and they can go die in a ditch for all you care, right?

Of course you would never say that, you would never say that you are that much of an asshole. But you’re contributing to it! Whether you realize it or not you’re contributing to that cycle of “we need strict gender roles, I don’t believe in more than two genders, anyone who has sex is a slut, anyone who is triggered is faking it, anyone with a mental illness is crazy and deserves to be in a nut house, and they don’t deserve my sympathy.”

And if you believe that any of that is right, or if you believe that for a second that anything here is something to roll your eyes at, then fuck you.

I’d rather have a world where others respect one another and have safe spaces and are treated reasonably and equally, I don’t believe a world of fear and oppression is the right choice because YOU are the one who comes out on top, and gets to trample others in the process.


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  • 17 May 2012
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