The Book Of Bape


As a man, I have no problem with women generalizing men as rapists, misogynists, yada yada. Because I’ve seen men do some vile shit and had to stop even viler shit from happening. This is from the 3rd grade to now. Waayyy out of line touching, sick name-calling, physical abuse, all dat shit. I see looks in men’s eyes that make me uncomfortable, so imagine how a woman who couldn’t properly defend herself from a man is feeling. Again, this is shit I’ve seen at the age of nine and I still see it. Very disturbing. And I’m not talking about strangers. I know niggas in my family, young and old, that exhibit some scary behavior towards females. I do not fuck with it.

I got three little sisters and hella younger female cousins. Anything like that happening to them takes my mind to very dark places. So I have no problem with a woman generalizing all men as rapists. You know what I call that? Self-preservation. If that is what you gotta do to ensure your safety, then do that shit to the fullest. Sadly in the wrong place and at the wrong time, that won’t be enough to protect you.

I’ll never say “But I’m not like that” or “All men ain’t like that” to a woman who is talking about her actual life experiences. What type of shit is that? I don’t have to make myself feel better about what type of man I am, because I already know. I also have seen the worst in men. I don’t like it.

Generalize the fuck outta me. Protect yourself. Because Ima tell my sisters the same thing.

topical for my younger sister’s sake

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