The Book Of Bape

“One of the downsides of reading an ebook can be finding weird formatting, spelling mistakes, and other things that got lost in the digital translation. However, word started going around last week about one of the more bizarre changes we’ve heard of — apparently, in the War and Peace on the Barnes and Noble Nook platform, every instance of the world “kindled” has been replaced with “nookd.” Since “nookd” isn’t a word as far as we can tell, it seems that someone was trying to remove references to Amazon’s competing ebook platform from this fine piece of literature.”


It’s the (lazy, cheap) publisher’s fault — Barnes and Noble quite obviously doesn’t automate such a process, as I have a number of O’Reilly books on ePublishing that mention Kindle specifically by name on my nook. 

Nook version of ‘War and Peace’ replaces all instances of ‘kindled’ with ‘nookd’ | The Verge

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  • 2 June 2012
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