The Book Of Bape

i really want to write something of value soon

i think i have a post brewing that i will write tomorrow about undecided voters

we are all super shocked and roll our eyes and can’t even BELIEVE that in october of 2012 someone can consider themselves an undecided voter. even with the internet and smartphones and all the things that make sure we see all sorts of stuff all the time, the idea that someone still has no idea what’s going on in US politics is absolutely astounding to information junkies and social media-ites. 

thats a) really weird and unproductive, b) presumptuous and c) takes for granted the time and experience necessary to organize, parse out, and make use of any amount of significant information in the news from the everywhere, all the time, 24/7 info cycle circus. 

my dad and grandmother couldn’t even turn a computer on three months ago and now they both have a personal computer and an iphone that i have to teach them how to use. between that and being miserable at work i think im getting all existential but about tech things. its a weird feeling

  • 17 October 2012
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